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Year In Review 2016

We moved into a brand new office!

What a better way to start the year than by moving! Well... actually, this happened in June... but hey! The good vibes are still the same :)

Last year, our team grew and we fell short on space so we needed to find a bigger home. With some luck and after a few months of searching, we found THE PLACE and immediately fell in love with it. Lots of room, natural lighting during the entire day and a more than convenient location.

Welcome and remember "mi casa es su casa".

Our first-born project: Donario

Right after we were half-way moved in, we started to develop a project to give something back to the community. By working during our spare time (even during some weekends), we created Donar.io, a tool for helping those who want to spread the word through social media when looking for blood donors.

We launched the website on the “World Blood Donor Day” and it had a great acceptance. Also, it was subject of interest of several local media. Gibran (who pushed the project forward within our team) participated on several interviews on TV and radio shows.

Note: The site is only available in Spanish for now, but we have plans to keep working on it.

Show some love for our clients

This year was full of challenging, diverse and interesting projects in which we were lucky to participate. Here is a short review of the most relevant things we did.

Innovation Forum

We partnered with a global network of innovators in order to build a custom news platform for them.

This project turned out in the best possible way! Thanks to it, we got the chance to travel to Cambridge (UK) and attend their international event called Innovation Forum: Leaders Conference.

If you'd like to read what happened, just skip the rest and go to our Eurotrip chapter.


Is there anything better than working on a project that inspires you? Well... maybe working with people you look up to? WE GOT IT ALL :D This time, we had the chance to design and develop the entire visual system and website for Hudya, a company run by some friends from Norway that will revolutionize electricity, telecommunications and banking services.

Although the deadline was really tight, we succeeded in getting our first live concept, and we are all super happy with the results.

Stay tuned. The full website is going to be live soon!

Team Otto

Who would have thought we would be working with one of the most reknowned TV stars from Norway? Otto – besides being an awesome-rocking guy – has a national TV show called Sinnasnekker'n (The Angry Carpenter).

We have recently started working on a new project for him, and we are dying to show you the finished work! Stay tuned, it will be published very soon!

Oh... and real-life Otto is not (that) angry after all ;)


What are the chances of working with two known celebs from Scandinavia? This time, we worked with Erik Alfred, an artisan and craftsman from Norway, who has recently debuted on national television with his own show, Oppfinneren (The Inventor).

We designed the entire visual identity for his own website and social media presence. BTW, "Handverksfabrikken" stands for Handicraft factory.


Nothing makes us happier than being able to work with the locals. This time, Mentory (a digital marketing agency) commisioned us to work for one of the biggest travel companies in Argentina, more specifically for their teenagers division called "Fifteens".

They organize one of the coolest trips to Disney so teenagers about to turn 15 can have the most wonderful time of their lives. Sounds like too much? Just ask them!

We were in charge of the entire website design and development. Check out the project here.

Productos Bahía

Once again, by teaming up with Mentory we were able to design the website for Bahía Products, a major producer and distributor of preserved food and cocktail products from our city.

Check out the live website here.


As we always say: We like to stay close to the people we work with. So... being true to this philosophy, we organized a flash trip to Europe and Scandinavia in September to visit some of our clients. We were on the road for 10 days, and visited 3 countries and multiple cities in between.

The results: 12 nights away from home, 7 plane rides, 4 train tickets and more than 10.000 kms traveled, but above all... an incredible experience and a new story to tell.

Think of it like an Eurotrip movie sequel, but the Argentinian way.

Cambridge Chapter

For the last couple years we have partnered up with Inno-Forum, a global network dedicated to fostering innovation. Every year they organize a big global event called "Innovation Forum: Leaders Conference". This year the conference was held at the University of Cambridge, and we were part of it!

Thanks to it we had the chance to meet the team behind Inno-Forum, to walk around the beautiful city as a local and to stay at the university campus. Needless to say, we felt as if we were in a Harry Potter movie.

We also gave a workshop on “Human centred design” at the event, which we can summarize as an incredible experience. We really loved to attend and hope to be there in the next edition!

Lausanne Chapter

Right after the event in Cambridge, we flew to Lausanne, Switzerland to visit the awesome guys from Lunaphore. Once there, Diego and Ata Tuna welcomed us and invited us to take a walk around the campus. After a quick tour, we went to their lab and we discussed about a lot of interesting projects in which they are working on.

The day after, we went sightseeing and ended up in the beautiful Lutri, a little town nearby, which just happened to be celebrating "Fête de la Vigne" (Grape harvest), so we had the chance to taste some swiss wine and cheese as well.

Oslo Chapter

A year after our first trip to the country we went back to this incredible place! This time to gather with current friends and clients but also to meet new people with new projects.

We're really thankful to work with people such as Otto (Sinnasnekern’), Erik and Bernt (Handverksfabrikken), and Morten, Pål and Børge (Hudya).

During our last day, we went to visit and say hi to our friends from Compass Fairs, but also to catch up with some projects and plan our calendar for next year.

Our team grew bigger

Right after coming back from our Eurotrip we enrolled two new members to our team. It was just the time to take a step forward and get more brains and hands to work on all the new projects.

Please give it up for Salvador and David!

First steps into Virtual Reality

This was one of the first things we wanted to do this year, so right after we got back from our trip we also put our hands at work and started doing our first VR tests. We got an HTC Vive and a Leap Motion as well to start covering some ground and doing R+D using this technology and complementing it with our current UI/UX work.

We think there are a lot of new opportunities for innovating using these new devices, and we want to be one of the first to start doing so here in Argentina.

Also, it is a hell of a toy to play with :D

We gave a workshop at Jaura's

Our friends Victoria and Gustavo from Jaura started a new co-working space in the city, and they invited us to be the first to give a workshop - the first of a series of workshops - in their facilities (which are really nice by the way).

This time, we gave the same crash course we did in Cambridge and explained the best and most practical ways of approaching the solutions to everyday problems (not just design problems).

People who attended really enjoyed it and got their hands dirty. Literally.

Donario got recognized by a regional journal

Diario Uno de Santa Fe recognized our project and us at their event called "Destacados del 2016" (something like "Remarkable people of 2016").

The news company gathered all the people from the city that had been covered by them in their newspaper to be part of their event. The occasion was to celebrate the great acts and achievements those people made during the year.

We're really proud and thankful for this recognition. These are the things that inspire us to keep doing these kind of initiatives in the future.

Goodbye 2016!

We're excited to finish the year celebrating! The 5th of December, we decided to gather with all the people we’ve worked with during this year. This was our way of saying “thanks” for their hard work and commitment. Some of us even met personally for the first time, and it was awesome to put all those names a face.

We loved to share a really great night with all our friends and colleagues.

Thank you very much!