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Creativity and strategy for the world and beyond

We are a digital design and development agency focused on branding, UI/UX design, iOS, Android and web development. We help startups and companies build their digital products from ideas to reality.

We are Moka Team


We strive to be a borderless source of creativity and take pride in what we do and in our culture. We provide the playground for passionate people to develop themselves and their craft.


We exist to help visionaries, innovators, and dreamers make things that matter through creativity, design, and technology.

Our values

Humans after all

We always stand in front of each other with an understanding of our complexity as human beings. We all make mistakes, we have good and bad days, virtues, and flaws.

Be respectful

We believe that without respect, there's no play. It's a pillar to base our relationships and collaborate with other people or organizations.

Have ownership

We care about the dreams and visions of our clients and make them our own.

Get it done right

We strive for finding the best possible solution to every challenge and do our best to raise the bar and push the limits a bit further, one step at a time.

Make it fun

We try to make the most out of each situation, even when things are challenging. Be prepared for anything and enjoy the ride.

We are Moka unleashed


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