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Build stands easily and in a immersive and game-like manner

We have developed a 3D stand builder for Compass Fairs, which enables exhibitors at trade shows and fairs to design and configure their own stand.

Build stands easily and in a immersive and game-like manner


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Compass Fairs

Client’s Team

  • IT Manager

Our Role

  • UI Design
  • 3D Development

The Challenge

Technology-wise, we needed to build the builder (no pun intended) on top of their current system stack. The result was a combination of Wordpress Multisite + WooCommerce + Custom development.

We put together a great team of engineers and 3d artists to start working on the project. We're proud to say that all 3d models were custom-built, based on our client's product catalog.

Aside from design and development, there was an incredible amount of work to define the business rules applied to the products, like handling combos, special offers, etc.


The Approach

After many iterations between Moka and Compass Fairs, we started crafting the 3d builder by following these simple principles:


The 3d builder needed to be used by anyone, no 'easy to learn, hard to master' non-sense. Straight to the point: select your stand size, place the products the way you want to, and send it to the organizers. Voilá!

A real ecommerce

The product had to go beyond mere visuals and be a real-world application. Any exhibitor should be able to access the webapp, configure their stand, and checkout their orders, all within the same tool.

Accessible from anywhere

It shouldn't matter if an exhibitor accessed the webapp from a desktop browser, a tablet, or even their phones, they had to be able to jump into the 3d builder and start designing their stand!

Think 3D as in Distinct, Dynamic, Delightful.

The Result

We designed and developed a custom-build product from scratch with the sole purpose of creating something distinct, dynamic, and delightful for the logistics and medium-large events organization industry.

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