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Digitizing patient information for vets

We teamed up with Basepaws to build a Vet Portal for registering pet patients and tracking their health tests.


We designed and developed the front-end of a portal created by Basepaws for veterinarians, clinics, and hospitals. This portal allows them to track their pet patients, register their test kits, and receive health reports with data on their breeds, traits, health markers, and oral health.


Pet Health



Client's Team

  • Teach Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Vet Team
  • COO

Our Role

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development

The Client

Basepaws is a petcare genetics company founded in 2017. As a startup, it was featured on Shark Tank, the reality TV show where entrepreneurs seek funding from sharks. In 2022, Basepaws became a member of Zoetis—the world's leading animal health company.

Beyond at-home testing tools for pet parents, Basepaws helps veterinary teams to streamline diagnostic procedures and provide personalized patient care through early detection of health risk based on genetic and oral microbiome data. Screening tools developed by Basepaws for cats and dogs, identify genetic disease predispositions and dental disease risk, often ahead of clinical presentation.

The Challenge

After a few years collaborating with vets, clinics and hospitals, Basepaws decided to create a portal that allows vets to register their kits, manage their patients, track test results and share them with pet parents. The main idea for the Vet Portal was to mirror the vet experience with other labs and diagnostic tools.

While this is an idea that the Basepaws had in mind for a while, we helped them make it happen early on by turning those ideas into something visual. Once they had the first drafts, they were able to shape the digital product they wanted to create. Although it was a project with a defined MVP scope, we iterated the design over and over again, validating with the different teams on the Basepaws side.

Patients listing filterable by type of test, status, vet, and searchable by both pet parent and pet name.

Kit listing through requisition logs, identified by ID, kit type and basic pet information.

Kit registration through requisition forms tracked and identified from a unique ID.

Advanced search for vets, pet parents and pets with the possibility of adding new ones while completing the form.

Basic profile information, with the possibility of setting password and notifications.

Team management with the possibility of incorporating different vets to the same account.

The Process

We started by creating a stylesheet and UI kit following some guidelines of the Basepaws Vet sub-brand, slightly different from the main brand, and then moved on to designing the mockups. Although the portal is responsive, we worked with a desktop-first approach, since it was the main device used by vet teams.

Throughout the process we make sure that the different interactions and variants of the user flows are prototyped both to validate with the client, and to facilitate the work of the developers. After the design, we work with the markup and the front-end layer of the implementation.

The Extended Collaboration

Aside from creating the portal, the Basepaws team asked us for help creating a variety of printable digital documents: from the summary of each form entered by a vet, to pet health reports, and resources like guides and information for vets.

With a fairly simple approach, maintaining consistency through the documents through a basic stylesheet and a clear grid, we created the different templates that the Basepwas tech team was able to implement later. 

We created easy to read reports with genetic disease overview with diagnostic and treatment considerations and breed relativity overview, including intepretation guidance and evidence tracking showing supporting research.


The team communicates exceptionally well, responding promptly across various platforms to ensure everyone is always on the same page. They're dedicated, thorough, and professional.

Damian Kao
COO, Basepaws

Damian Kao

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