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Lifestyle brand for everyday services

We worked with Hudya in developing a global brand, its website, and its mobile app.

Lifestyle brand for everyday services


We work with Hudya to develop its global brand that communicates its value proposition as a lifestyle brand that gives its customers peace of mind. Advertising, merchandising, digital and tangible products.








  • Juián Aquilini
  • Paula Devotto
  • Santiago Gatti


Our Role

  • Graphic Desing
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

The Client

Hudya is “everyday services in one place”.

Do you know those boring services like insurance, electricity, alarm, broadband, and mobile communications? Well, Hudya places them under one roof.

Hudya gives its customers fair deals, centralized management, and fantastic customer service. Through their app, Hudya customers get full control over their spending and insights into saving more.



The Challenge

Part one of this challenge was to design a new brand profile for Hudya, one that could evolve with the company as they accomplished their global ambitions.

Part two was to design and build Hudya´s website to show their concept and products.

Part three was to design the mobile app Hudya customers would use to manage their services. 


The Hudya Brand: Reloaded

When Hudya started its journey, it introduced itself as a market challenger: “We are here to fight those companies that lure you with low prices but then lock you in long term contracts.” Hudya was Robin Hood.

But after a year in the market, the company changed its value proposition and started communicating "Life, Simplified.” The goal was to make the Hudya brand into a “lifestyle brand.” One that could be a part of your everyday life. And bring customers “peace of mind.”

For this project, we partnered with our long-time friends and designers, Julián Aquilini and Ana Paula Devotto. 


The Hudya logo went through a facelift: thinner, lighter, more elegant.


The Hudya Brand Universe

We designed a complete set of example applications to show how Hudya could deploy its brand in the real world. Advertising, merchandising, digital and tangible products. For internal and external audiences.


The Hudya Digital Platform

Designing a product that gives you an overview of your everyday services is no easy task. The customer journeys for each of these products (electricity, mobile, insurance, loans, alarm, etc.) are very different. Some of these services you think about daily (mobile data, maybe?), some others you think about once a year (insurance), or even every couple of years (loans).

For us, this meant lots of UX research, workshops, prototypes, and tests. 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Moka in several occasions. I got to know them when they were hired to create and develop Compass Fairs' new websites in all the Scandinavian countries in 2015. We even continued our cooperation when I changed jobs and started at Hudya in 2017. Joel’s team have created Hudya's web pages as well!

Majken Svorstøl
Customer Communication Manager, Hudya Group

Majken Svorstøl

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